Manufacturer of disinfectants and packaging materials for sterilization
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HR service

PEOPLE are the main asset at INTERSAN-plus. The company's success is made up of hundreds of personal and professional achievements.

Employee development = INTERSAN-plus development.

WORKING WITH US is an opportunity to grow together with a research and production company in a community of smart and free people. Take ambitious challenges, achieve significant results, become the best in your business and earn money.


+1 Respect and support to each employee

  • “We are everything: from couriers to heads of department - a big team where every link matters.” – A. Vasiliev, IT department

  • “We have a feeling of fellowship in our team, when passing the ball, you can be sure the other person is well ready for a strong-willed blow”, - S. Koyda, Foreign Economic Activity Department

  • “We are a cool team and have chemistry. Always supportive. Rest assured your teammates will back you up should some emergencies make you fall behind the plan. We even put the KPIs on hold during the pandemic, ”- P. Novikov, retail department

  • “I have been working at INTERSAN-plus for only eight months, but I have already realized that I want to build a career here. Strongest side of INTERSAN-plus is limpid communication - you can easily come up to an employee at any level and ask a question. And they will answer you ", - A. Ermilova, Marketing Department

+2 Growing company, a leader in the disinfection and sterilization market

Innovation is our job and an enjoyable one since disruptive technologies allow making achievements.

See what has been achieved in recent years:

  • In 2020, INTERSAN-plus became a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the successes of INTERSAN-plus at a meeting with representatives of various sectors of the economy involved in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

  • In December 2020, INTERSAN-plus won the Chemical Complex Business Index Award, held with association with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

  • INTERSAN-plus is expanding its sales market through supplies to the countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

  • In 2018, the INTERSAN-plus company created the SPELL line - an effective and safe series of disinfectants for home use. Now the best achievements of professional disinfection have become available to all consumers.

  • Authoritative industry sources call INTERSAN-plus a leader in medical disinfection and sterilization.

  • As a member of the National Organization of Disinfectionists, the company has won the title of "Best Organization in the Disinfection field".

  • For more than 10 years, INTERSAN-plus has been actively advancing the disinfectology field as a chairman to the Council of Disinfectants Manufacturers.

+3 Opportunity to earn with your own mind in an independent well-established company

INTERSAN-plus has been successfully operating in the Russian market of disinfectants since 1997 and guarantees a decent salary twice a month, bonuses, and special pays.

We also offer a convenient working schedule: remote/flexible/ five-day workweek.

+4 Ability to realize ambitions, show initiative and improve your knowledge

Professional growth

We offer in-house workshops, webinars, articles on personal growth, expert blogs, and educational platforms, as well as free sports and healthcare services.


You can develop in design, management, or expert fields and always know what to do to level up.

+5 And also

  • Our professional products are available to all employees, especially hand sanitizers.

  • Workplace in an office, production, or warehouse with a modern design, coffee points, and lounges

  • Personal day for all female employees

  • Workshops and webinars by experts

  • Free Sports and Healthcare services

Sales Manager

  • Promotion of the company's products to potential customers according to the provided client base
  • Hosting presentations
  • Negotiations with the top officials of the healthcare facilities
  • Discussion of approbations on the healthcare facility specialization
  • Potential client follow up into the initial transaction
  • Managing CRM reports and performing management assigned tasks


  • Higher education
  • Work experience: at least 6 months in the medical field
  • Age: up to 40 years old
  • Soft skill: dedication, easy learning, responsible, diligent, easy-going, eager to grow
  • Hard skill: Bitrix 24 (CRM), MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point

Working Conditions:

Working schedule: weekdays 9:00 to 17:30
Probation period: 3 months