In collaboration with leading research institutes we have developed a range of modern disinfectantsof new generation for hospital hygiene. It includes universal disinfectants for surfaces and tools, tools for rapid disinfection, as well as soap, antiseptic and skin-care products.

Health and Medicine

The company " INTERSEN -plus" produce more than 40 types of products that meet all the requirements of modern disinfectants and fully meet all the needs of health care institutions in products for all disinfection measures of sanitary and anti-epidemic regime.

Disinfectants of company " INTERSEN - plus " are:

  • 1. Broad spectrum of microbicidal activity against:

    • - Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria (including pathogens of nosocomial infections and tuberculosis),
    • - viruses,
    • - human pathogens and fungi,
    • - bacterial spores (if necessary).
  • 2. High standards of safety for patients, staff, processed materials and the environment.

  • 3. Optimal consumer properties:

    • - good solubility,
    • - stability and an acceptable shelf life of concentrates and working solutions,
    • - the presence of detergent action,
    • - activity in case of organic load,
    • - no fixing action on the organic contamination.
Beauty, Cosmetics, Health and Sports

The most important part of prevention of human infection when visiting institutions of beauty, health and sports are the disinfection measures.

Preventive interventions in health beauty industry include disinfection of the skin, disinfection, cleaning and sterilization of instruments used, disinfection and cleaning of different surfaces in the premises, as well as equipment and machinery.

The success of prevention depends on the characteristics of the efficacy, safety and quality of used disinfectants.

The company " INTERSEN -plus" has designed and manufactured a full range of innovative and highly efficient disinfectant that meet all modern requirements.

  • 1) Antiseptic detergents.
  • 2) Skin antisepsis.
  • 3) Preparations for disinfection and cleaning of all types of surfaces, equipment and machinery.
  • 4) Preparations for disinfection and cleaning of tools, including those used for surgical and cosmetic procedures and manipulations.
  • 5) Products for chemical sterilization of heat-labile instruments and products.

By disinfectants proposed for use in the beauty industry we apply the same strict requirements as to health facilities. Strict compliance and process control, high-quality raw materials, in-depth research in leading Russian Scientific Research Institute of profile and documented efficacy, safety and environmental performance of products is a guarantee of the quality of our products.

Municipal and domestic sphere

Disinfection measures in enterprises of municipal and domestic sphere - is a solid and reliable barrier against the spread of infectious diseases among the population.

For proper and effective conduct of disinfection measures high-quality and effective disinfectants are required.

Since 1994, the company "INTERSEN-plus" designs, manufactures and sells disinfectants of modern generation for the efficient and safe use in public utilities sphere.


Organization of preventive control activities, including the use of disinfectants, is of particular importance for crowded passenger facilities: railway stations, carriages of long-distance trains and commuter trains, stations and subway cars.

The company " INTERSEN -plus" developed, produced and sold a number of disinfectants that meet all the requirements for disinfection:

  • - in the land passenger transport;
  • - on the subway;
  • - on the railways;
  • - in transport for the transport of food;
  • - to transport used for transportation of garbage and systems of garbage collection;
  • - for disinfection at railway stations and airports.

Disinfection, disinfestation are a crucial link in the prevention , anti-epizootic measures to ensure well-being of animals, including birds in infectious, parasitic diseases, human security in respect to zoonoses , the sanitary quality of products , raw materials and feed of animal origin.

INTERSEN company produces modern products that meet all the requirements of disinfectants used at sites of veterinary surveillance.

Disinfectants went through necessary research in leading specialized research institutes and have all the necessary conclusions and scientific reports confirming their effectiveness (including those in respect to the ASF virus) and safety.